Youth Action Facilitators run an eight visit program designed to help youth engage meaningfully in issues that matter to them.  This program is broken into three main parts:  

Unit 1: Introduces youth to active and engaged citizenship, allows them to choose an issue to work on together, and channels their creativity by brainstorming potential solutions;

Unit 2: Allows youth to develop an “Action Plan” - a series of interconnected activities intended to have a positive impact on the community by making use of civic “tactics” like petitions, surveys, lobbying, etc.; and

Unit 3: Youth initiate their Action Plans - actually “do” what they imagine -  and learn from the experience.

The Prezi below lays out the general path we follow, but it should be noted that every class we work with is unique. We recognize the need to adapt and improvise as the situation demands!



While we predominantly work with civics classes to implement the “Active Citizenship” curricular strand, we also have worked with other courses in the past, including Environmental Science, Leadership, Challenge and Change, and Grade 9, 10, and 12 Religion Classes.  We have also worked with a range of extracurricular clubs and afterschool programs, both within and outside of schools.

A full copy of our resource guide - including lesson plans, activity sheets, a civic “tactics toolkit”, and evaluation options for teachers - can be requested by contacting our DILA Program Coordinator.