Of the many free haircutting events that our Cuts For Kids program hosted in 2017, our event in partnership with Minwaashin Lodge - Aboriginal Women’s Support Centre on October 29th was one of the most noteworthy. The afternoon began with a community feast, followed by free haircuts offered by volunteer hairstylists and barbers from West Side Spa and Hairfellas Barbershop in accordance to Indigenous cultural beliefs and values. Youth and families were given the option to keep their hair for their own means or disposal. This event was open to families known to Minwaashin Lodge, Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, Tungasuvvingat Inuit, and the Ottawa Children's Inuit Centre.

Ally Freedman, an Indigenous activist and community member (also a member of the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee!), facilitated clothing donations from the Wabano Centre. Families were able to pick up much-needed winter clothing making this a unique and successful community event.