Youth Ottawa is proud to present an amazing opportunity for Ottawa area youth to showcase their artistic talents at RBC Bluesfest 2019.

This application will require a YouTube video describing your art proposal (max. 2 minutes). Please do not submit the below form until you have prepared your video. The contest is open to youth 25 and under. 

Do you have?

  • ideas for participatory/interactive art installations?
  • Art installations displaying your existing art projects?
  • Proposals to create art on site for the duration of the festival and/or performance art?

Overall Program Goals:

  • To promote and support developing youth artists in Ottawa by providing them a venue to showcase their talents and direct support in developing their craft;
  • To increase youth presence at RBC Bluesfest; create activities and attractions that are youth friendly;
  • To increase the festival experience for attendees by creating opportunities to interact with the space and fellow festival attendees.

What we are looking for (our criteria):

  1. Interactivity - an experience that gets people involved with the event and each other;
  2. Durability - taking into consideration a high number of people engaging with the installation and the installation will be outdoors with wind and rain;
  3. Safety - cannot pose any risk to those that are participating;
  4. Environmental sustainability - lowering environmental footprint;
  5. Accessibility - appropriate for all age groups, abilities and cultures.

What the selected artists will get:

  1. $500 to $1,000 in material expenses to create the art installation;
  2. Space on festival grounds for their art installation (wall space up to 40 linear feet OR an area up to 20 feet by 20 feet (400 square foot max.);
  3. A youth pass for Bluesfest 2019;
  4. An Artist Profile featured on RBC Bluesfest Social Media;
  5. Mentorship from a local artist prior to Bluesfest (creative process mentor).

Process for Responding to the Call for Artists:

  1. Take the time to really understand the criteria in the “looking for” above;
  2. Develop your idea for your installation;
  3. Review your idea with your youth worker or teacher;
  4. Prepare sketches or other visual representations of your planned installation;
  5. Complete this application.

The selected artists will be contacted in mid May. Your teacher/youth worker/ adult mentor/ guardian will be asked to serve as a reference. APPLICATION DEADLINE FRIDAY MAY 3RD AT MIDNIGHT.