Amit Scheer - Co-Chair

[email protected]

Studying towards a B.Sc. In Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, research student at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, share a last name with her Majesty's Loyal Leader of the Official Opposition.

Reason he joined Board of Directors:

To empower youth to spark remarkable change and take action! Before joining the Board of Youth Ottawa I was engaged in other issues on which I was passionate but never considered as much the ability of other Youth to be engaged. I was inspired to get involved with this at Youth Ottawa by Spirit 2016.

Personal goals for Youth Ottawa:

Learn hands-on how governance of charities works (learned so much since I was elected to the Youth Co-Chair role, including today!) so that I can better serve to make the Board effective and useful to the staff overall. Grow our events to showcase amazing youth and increase our ability to engage others. Even further improve the links between YO programs and communication.