Ben O'Neil - Youth Action Facilitator & Board Director

[email protected]

Ben is Ottawa born and raised. He is currently a student specializing in International Development & Globalization at the University of Ottawa. As semi-professional high fiver and advocate for youth engagement, Ben shares a firm belief in the power that one voice can have in enacting change on a local and global scale. Ben is an experienced facilitator with a demonstrated history of working in primary/secondary education skilled in Nonprofit Organizations with interests in Indigenous youth leadership and socio-economic disparities in rural communities. Having struggled during his high school career with balancing personal hardships and extracurricular engagement, Ben speaks openly and passionately about finding accessible outlets and programs for youth to develop their leadership capabilities and to be their true selves.
Reason he joined the Board of Directors:
A longterm commitment to the values in which Youth Ottawa encompasses and a dedication to serving youth in the community.
Personal goals for Youth Ottawa:
Growth as an organization but personally to become a lifelong learning in the career path as an aspiring educator.