Synapcity, in partnership with Youth Ottawa, the Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC), and the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) present ‘What Would it Take for Ottawa to be a Youthful City?’


What is a youthful city? Imagine living in a city that is deeply connected and dynamic. Its citizens are open and curious, and work together across communities. The culture encourages creativity and the infrastructure is playful. It is a society where everyone feels that they belong. We have been inspired by the work of the 2018 Canadian Youthful Cities Index that has ranked Ottawa fourth overall in our country's first national comparable urban index. This data was collected by youth across the country, measuring 121 indicators across 20 youthful infrastructure areas.


Our event is a World Café style chat and participants will be hosted in six differently themed conversations about youthful cities based on the six aspects of a youthful attitude outlined by the 2018 Canadian Youthful Cities Index. Participants will share their thoughts and ideas with a table host, which will then be recorded. By the end of the program, participants will have had a chance to share ideas and perspectives on every theme, and will have been able to meet fellow Ottawans that are engaged in the city.


Registration is FREE but spaces are limited. Breakfast, coffee/tea is included.